Mayan Apocalypse Myths Lead to an Increase in the Sale of Shelters

Apocalypse survival bunkers go for about £46,000 ($74,500 / €56,500)

Mayan Apocalypse shelters, or bomb-proof survival bunkers, are selling like crazy now, four days before the dreaded end of the world.

Sure, as I wrote earlier today, scientists have debunked the myths surrounding December 21. Still, many believers are out there, and they are buying shelters, just like the one above.

I've mentioned Ron Hubbard before. He sells state-of-the-art survival pads, in Montebello, California.

Just to point out some of the benefits of hiding out underground, you would be getting a leather sofa, a plasma TV and wooden flooring, as well as enough beds for your entire family to be next to you as you cruise through the apocalypse.

Mr. Hubbard's bunkers are bomb, nuclear and chemical weapon-proof, but they probably will not help you if a hidden planet does in fact collide with Earth.

Sure, you would have to have about £46,000 ($74,500 / €56,500) to dish out for a chance to survive the end of the world; but, if you think about it, that is a small price to pay for carrying on mankind.

The funny thing is that the maker doesn't even believe in the alleged Mayan prediction. Even so, he will be going underground anyway, just in case.

“I will be heading into my shelter on December 21 just because I have one and if any of the astrophysicists are right, I would feel really stupid,” he tells the Daily Mail.

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