Max Payne 3 Painful Memories Map Pack Revealed, Out Next Week

Check out the first details and a few screenshots of the new add-on

Rockstar Games has just revealed a brand new downloadable map pack for Max Payne 3 called Painful Memories, which revisits some of the most iconic places in the franchise, like the subway scene from the original game.

Max Payne 3 came out back in May and, since then, Rockstar has made sure to keep the multiplayer mode as interesting as possible by releasing new maps and content every few months.

After the recent Hostage Negotiation DLC, the studio has now revealed the Painful Memories map pack, which includes four iconic levels that were made famous by Max Payne 3 as well as by its predecessors.

“Revisit the subway bloodbath from the original Max Payne in the Roscoe Street Subway map. Flashback to the dingy Hoboken watering hole at Marty’s Bar, open fire on the posh Branco family yacht in Shoot First and wage Gang Wars at Canal De Panamá,” Rockstar said on its Newswire.

Besides the four great maps, which can be admired in the screenshots below, Rockstar has also revealed that two new assault rifles are included in the Painful Memories pack, as well as a variety of other items, which are highlighted below.

“The Painful Memories Pack also includes the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, new avatars, items and the Hangover Burst, which causes enemies to respawn with blurred vision, reduced stamina and health.”

The Painful Memories map pack for Max Payne 3 is set to appear on December 4 on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. It will cost $9.99/€9.99/800 MS Points for regular owners of the game, while those who have purchased the special Rockstar Pass will receive it for free, just as they did with previous map packs for Max Payne 3.

Until the add-on is released, check it out in action through the screenshots below.


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