Max Payne 3 Delayed, BioShock and Mafia II Before July 2010

Natal games also coming

Take Two seemed to be one of the powerhouses of videogaming during this holiday season. Rockstar was slated to put out Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II was widely seen as the definitive period gangster piece and BioShock 2 was set to give gamers more of the very popular Rapture.

And let's not forget that Max Payne 3, with its blading fat anti-hero, was also scheduled to be a winner. Now, Take Two, the publisher of all this titles, is officially saying that all of them will be released no later than June 2010 and not earlier than January 31 of the same year.

Ben Feder, the Chief Executive Officer of Take Two, has stated that “We are continuing to evaluate the optimal release window for these titles and still plan to release all four titles in the first half of calendar 2010. At this point, we don't expect any of these titles to launch within our first fiscal quarter ending January 31, 2010.”

The company has deemed the Christmas release season to be too busy to put up all its possible hit titles but is still set to release the second DLC pack for Grand Theft Auto IV, called Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as getting the Chinatown Wars spin off to the PlayStation Portable from Sony and the iPhone from Apple.

While refusing to name any names, Take Two has also confirmed that its development studios are playing around with developer kits of both Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's new motion tracking wand, which will probably be released at some point during 2010.

The publisher is probably preparing to launch titles for both the new peripherals and work might be in progress to integrate support for them in titles like Red Dead Redemption or Max Payne 3. Let's just hope that such integration does not come with more delays attached.

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