Matt Lauer Will Be “Ousted” from The Today Show Any Day Now

Report claims execs have decided to cut Lauer loose, no one will really miss him

It’s been months since Ann Curry was forced to leave The Today Show, and millions of viewers are still thinking Matt Lauer was behind the sneaky move. Talks about his dismissal have also picked up considerably since then, officially reaching a peak now.

Sources close to the producers of The Today Show are telling Radar Online that Matt is days from being handed his two-week notice – and no one’s even thinking of shedding a tear for him.

Granted, this is just an unconfirmed report the likes of which hundreds have emerged online in recent months, so it’s perhaps best taken with a grain of salt.

“An insider at the NBC morning show has told the Enquirer that the 54-year-old -- who gets paid a massive $21.5 million a year [€16.7 million] – is facing the axe. And apparently Lauer’s colleagues won’t be shedding any tears his departure,” Radar writes, citing the latest print issue of Enquirer.

“It’s just desserts. Matt is finally getting what he deserves!” one insider is quoted as saying.

This has been coming a long time, so naturally no one will be weeping for him, especially not after what he (allegedly) did to Curry, by forcing her to take the fall for the show’s declining ratings.

He should have been the one to leave then, the same tipster claims.

“His years-long feuds with former co-hosts Katie Couric, Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry have taken their toll. Everyone has turned against him and Matt is going to be ousted because he’s being blamed for the show’s collapse,” the insider says.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that word gets out that Lauer is on the verge of being fired and replaced with someone who might do a better job.

So far though, nothing has come out of these rumors, except perhaps even more rumors, as The Today is slowly but surely bowing down in the ratings race.

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