Matt Damon Has Meltdown on Jimmy Kimmel – Video

The actor is cut short in his interview by an emergency fire alarm

The main cast of the film “Monuments Men” was present on Jimmy Kimmel to promote their film, but the host had other things in mind. It's a known fact that Kimmel and one of the actors in the film, Matt Damon, have a long-running feud.

Last night, Kimmel just couldn't let things go, and sparked a whole new round of poking and prodding the actor, until he had a meltdown on live TV.

Matt Damon was the last cast member to be introduced after Bill Murray, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman and Bob Balaban, and by the time he came out, there was no place for him to sit.

He was brought a wooden chair from back stage, and was forced to sit isolated while the rest of the cast sat comfortable on the couch talking to Kimmel and generally grilling Matt. After putting up with insulting and offensive innuendos from the host and the guests, Damon demanded he be asked a real question.

Kimmel was just about to ask him an actual question … when the studio's fire alarm interrupted him as it started blaring. Guests were rushed from the set, as Damon remained behind saying “It’s obviously a trick! There’s no fire!”

He was humiliated even more when two firemen showed up and actually sprayed him with their fire extinguishers, covering the actor in white foam.

As the credits rolled, Damon kept screaming and berating the host, promising revenge. The event was the latest in a series of staged conflicts Kimmel and Damon have been sharing for years, after Matt hijacked one of the episodes of his show.

Ever since then, every time the actor comes on his show, he's never been interviewed, as Kimmel always seems to conveniently “run out of time.” Damon is always just in time to see the credits rolling.

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