MasterCard Blog Apparently Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (Updated)

Hackers appear to have breached the Insights site on January 5

Earlier today, while analyzing the hacks of the Syrian Electronic Army – the hacker collective that attacks anyone who opposes the Syrian government – on the websites of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense, I came across an interesting thing.

The hackers appear to have breached the Payments Perspective Blog from MasterCard’s Insights site, adding a post called “Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army.”

The post has been removed since, but a Google cache dated January 6 shows that the hackers added an entry on MasterCard’s blog on January 5.

I haven’t been able to find any mentions of this hack, but it does appear to be genuine.

I’ve sent an email to MasterCard representatives to see if they can clarify this issue, but they haven’t responded so far.

If you know something about this breach, drop a comment below. In the meantime, I will update the blog in case MasterCard representatives respond to my email.

Update. Members of the Syrian Electronic Army have confirmed that they did hack the MasterCard website. Before MasterCard addressed the issue, the link from the defacement page led to this webpage.


MasterCard blog hacked by SEA (2 Images)

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