Massive Android Botnet Affects over 1 Million Chinese Users

The Trojan that powers the botnet is hidden in 7,000 apps

A piece of mobile malware believed to be hidden in around 7,000 Android applications has infected the devices of over 1 million users from China. Experts say that this may be the largest Android botnet the country has ever seen.

According to Chinese publication Xinhua, the Trojan that powers the botnet is Android.Troj.mdk, a threat first discovered back in 2011.

Once it’s installed on a device, the Trojan allows its master to take complete control of it. The malicious element can be used to harvest messages, phone numbers, contact details, geo-location data and even media files.

Bitdefender experts note that the Trojan also downloads additional applications that slow down the phone’s performance, generate aggressive adware, and drain the device’s battery.

With over 420 million mobile users, China has become an important target for malware developers.

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