Mass Effect Celebrates N7 Day on November 7

Different celebrations and events will be held later this week

BioWare has confirmed that it’s going to kick off a special series of celebrations and events on November 7, which it has now dubbed N7 day, in honor of its extremely successful Mass Effect franchise.

Mass Effect fans no doubt know that the N7 designation is a special one given by the Human Alliance only to its most proficient agents, including the protagonist of the series, Commander Shepard.

As such, the developer of the franchise, BioWare, has confirmed that it’s celebrating the first N7 day on November 7.

“Over the last 5 years we have seen Commander Shepard’s tale unfold and it’s been as much a journey for us as our fans. We are humbled by the support and passion of each and every one of you. Mass Effect wouldn’t be what it is today without you, and sharing the experience with our fans was the first thought on our minds. We created N7 Day for you—an opportunity to unite us and our fans in a global celebration of Mass Effect,” the studio said on its website.

In order to properly mark the celebration, the studio promises that a wide array of activities are planned for the franchise’s millions of fans.

“There will be online events, in-game rewards, behind-the-scenes, N7 Day exclusive assets, and much, much more! Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved,” BioWare added.

The studio already started celebrating by hosting different fan-made artwork on the Facebook page of the Mass Effect series and you can bet that there will be special challenges and rewards given to those who engage in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode on November 7.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Mass Effect series, but still want to join in on the festivities, don’t forget that the special Mass Effect Trilogy is out on November 6, in North America, and November 9, in Europe, for PC and Xbox 360. PS3 owners, however, get it on December 4 and 7, respectively.

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