Mass Effect 4 Will Be Launched in 2014 or 2015, More Details Next Year

The game will not feature Commander Shepard as the protagonist

The next game in the Mass Effect franchise will only be launched after about two more years, according to the development team working on it at BioWare.

A representative from BioWare tells Gamer Syndrome that, “You'll hear more about the new Mass Effect game in 2013.”

Apparently, the team is aiming for a launch date set somewhere during 2014 or 2015, although Mike Gamble, a producer on Mass Effect, adds, “I honestly can't tell you an exact because full development on the game started a month or two ago.”

BioWare has already asked gamers to offer feedback on the series so far and offer suggestions for its future.

According to the developer, while gamers are waiting, they will get access to more content, both single and multiplayer, for Mass Effect 3, although its exact nature was not specified.

Gamble also says that, at one point, BioWare envisioned a mission that would take players to the Turian home world of Palavan, but the scope was too big and finally, the developers settled for a visit to its moon.

The developer suggests that more Mass Effect content might be delivered for the Wii U home console from Nintendo, which can only mean a port of the Trilogy package.

Mass Effect 3 was launched earlier during 2012 and was initially met with much appreciation from the critics and generated solid sales.

Since then, a controversy has erupted around the ending of the game and BioWare was forced to launch the free Final Cut downloadable content in order to satisfy the fan base.

Electronic Arts has also put out paid DLC, which expands the scope of the action role-playing game experience.

Gamers who are interested in the multiplayer section of Mass Effect 3 have also received weekly operations and more items, classes, races and enemies for the mode.

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