Mass Effect 3 User Review Score on Metacritic Bombed by Unhappy Gamers

Metacritic visitors don't really like BioWare's newest role playing shooter

Mass Effect 3 was just released yesterday in North America and, while critics have given it almost universal acclaim, lots of Metacritic users beg to differ and have bombarded it with low scores, complaining about all sorts of things, from the ending to the gay romance options.

Right after any big release, lots of unhappy gamers decide to make their voices heard by bombing the title’s Metacritic page with extremely low ratings.

We’ve already seen it happen with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or even The Witcher 2 last year.

Now, right after its release, Mass Effect 3 is suffering the same treatment from Metacritic visitors, as people have taken the user review score on all of its versions, including the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, to abysmal figures like 2.6, 3.4 or 4.8.

By far the most disgruntled ones are PC gamers, posting 706 ratings, 534 of which are negative ones. While there are also 153 positive ones, the general score for Mass Effect 3 on the PC is now at 2.6.

PlayStation 3 owners are also quite annoyed with the game, as out of 284 ratings, 190 are negative. This results in an average score of 3.4.

Xbox 360 owners, in comparison to the ones above, are much more pleased with Mass Effect 3 on their platform. Out of 666 reviews, 347 are negative while 305 are positive. The general score is currently at 4.8.

Metacritic administrators have confirmed that they’re eliminating reviews that contradict the website’s terms of use, but also mention that the low user scores will still appear, as many negative reviews can’t be eliminated.

“We have already removed user reviews which have broken our terms of use. We will continue to monitor user reviews and take the steps needed to ensure our users both comply with those terms and do not have to read other reviews which break them,” a Metacritic representative told Kotaku. “We encourage all users to familiarize themselves with these terms and report any abuse they find.”

In contrast to the low scores, Mass Effect 3’s review average is at 93, on the PC, 92, on the PS3, and 94, on the Xbox 360, out of a maximum of 100.

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