Mass Effect 3: Omega Brings New Weapons, Characters, and Enemies

Learn much more about the upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3

After revealing the full description of the upcoming Mass Effect 3: Omega, BioWare has now confirmed the new weapons included in the new expansion, as well as the special powers that will be wielded by its two new characters: Aria and Nyreen.

Mass Effect 3 came out back in March and, since then, BioWare has supported it with new DLC for its single-player campaign, like the Leviathan one, as well as for its multiplayer mode, in the form of different content packs.

Now, the next add-on for the story mode is getting ready to debut at the end of the month in the form of Mass Effect 3: Omega.

We saw the first official details and screenshots yesterday and now BioWare Producer Fabrice Condominas has talked with VG247 about the new characters in the DLC – Aria and Nyreen – as well as the powers they’ll wield in combat.

“Aria has two powers that didn’t exist before, that have been designed just for her. They are Flare – a very powerful biotic explosion – and Lash, which basically attracts enemies toward you and inflicts heavy damage in the process,” he said.

“Nyreen is more of a solider type. She is former Turian military, and also has small biotic powers. She has a biotic shield that she can deploy around her. The fact that she’s ex-Turian military and has biotic powers is contradictory if you know the series history, so this is part of her story and relationship with Aria.”

Besides the fresh powers, the DLC also adds new weapons to the single-player campaign, in the form of the N7 Valkyrie and the Chakram rocket launcher, as well as new enemies on which you can use the fresh guns.

“There are two new weapons – the N7 Valkyrie – which is an N7 assault rifle basically, and the Chakram rocket launcher, which some people have from Kingdom of Amalur as it was a cross-promotion, but now it’s accessible to everyone,” Condominas added.

“We also have two new enemies. There is the Rampant Mech, which is basically a crowd-control mech created by Omega to keep the populace controlled and the Adjutant, which are Reaper tech-based enemies. People who have read the comics will know about these.”

Mass Effect 3: Omega will add around four new hours of gameplay to the main campaign and is set to appear on November 27 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 for $14.99/€14.99/1,200 MS Points.

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