Martin Sheen Confirms He’ll Be Back in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Actor says he’ll play Uncle Ben again, refuses to reveal more details

Martin Sheen might have died on “The Amazing Spider-Man” as Uncle Ben but he’s not done with the new superhero film franchise, he’s revealed in a recent interview cited by Comic Book Movie.

Fans know that, in the Spider-Man original story, as well as in both movie franchises (with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, respectively), Uncle Ben dies, thus literally prompting Peter Parker to become Spider-Man to fight crime.

Be that as it may, but Sheen will reprise his role in the sequel to this year’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” he says.

“They’ve called me back, I don’t know what the part is gonna be, but I’m going to be ‘Uncle Ben’ once again in Spider-Man next year. We shoot it in February,” he says.

Either he doesn’t know how Uncle Ben will be brought back to life or he does but he’s not saying.

Of course, the logical answer to the question of the character’s return is that it will be a dream sequence or a flashback, but we’ll see if that’s really the case when the movie comes out.

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