Mars Cave Explorations: a Growing Temptation for Scientists

Martian caves could be a precious source of information on the planet's history

Mars caves have become increasingly attractive for explorers attempting to discover what is hidden underneath the Martian surface.

Besides NASA's struggle to transport samples of Martian rock and soil to Earth to study it, scientists believe cave explorations are the best way to discover life evidence on the Red Planet, Inquisitr reports.

“While I’m very much interested in a surface sample-return to get us over this hump of doing it, of course I immediately want to go on and start sampling more cryptic materials in lava-tube caves. I would love that,” declared Penny Boston, a scientist of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro.

Caves are largely spread on Martian surface, so it wouldn't take much effort to find them.

“I could probably scrape up a few hundred samples on Mars, and I think that the numbers are only going to increase as the interest in these structures increases,” explained Boston.

Considering all this and adding scientists' great spirit of adventure, especially when it comes to space, I am confident that Martian cave explorations are soon to be heard about.

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