Marriage Proposal at Disney World Gets Photobombed Updated

The bride was not the most shocked person in this shot

You can tell the woman who was proposed to in this viral photo was actually surprised. She wasn't as shocked as the onlooker behind her, though.

This photo was uploaded to Reddit by user smashes11 three days ago, with the caption “Not sure who was more shocked by this proposal...” So far, it has been upvoted 24,600 times.

After scanning through the more than 700 comments, I can tell you that this shot was snapped near Never Land 5k Run at Disney World Miami, in Florida.

If I didn't know that, it would have seemed odd that the bride to be is wearing a ballerina dress and the woman behind her sports a tiara. Judging from their outfits, the couple are probably employed with Disney.

[Update, February 8 2013]: The blog post above erroneously states that this photo was captured at Disney World. It was actually taken at Disneyland, as my readers note in the comments section. Its protagonists are not staff, they are visitors at the park.

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