Mark Shuttleworth Personally Appeals to the Community to Back Ubuntu Edge

The campaign only has a few days left and Canonical hasn't raised enough money

The founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, has posted a personal message on the Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo campaign website hoping that it will provide the necessary push for the undecided fans.

The Ubuntu Edge phone proposed by Canonical in their crazy $32 million (€24 million) IndieGoGo campaign is not fairing too well and only 8 days have remained until its end. Mark Shuttleworth posted a message in the hopes of getting the community more interested in the phone.

“In just over three weeks more than 20,000 people have backed the project, from individuals giving a single dollar right up to Bloomberg’s fantastic $80,000 contribution.

”Along the way we’ve broken crowdfunding records, including the fastest project to hit $2 million (7hrs 59mins), and the highest ever 24-hour total ($3.45 million). We’re now on the verge of an even bigger milestone as we approach the all-time crowdfunding record of $10.27 million,” Mark Shuttleworth states on IndieGoGo.

Canonical's founder also explains that even if Ubuntu Edge doesn't get enough backers, the major players in the mobile world have received the message, loud and clear.

“Whatever happens in the next nine days, the Ubuntu Edge is already making a difference. This campaign lets enthusiast consumers signal their interest to a mobile industry that caters overwhelmingly to the mainstream.”

“It’s making it clear that we’re no longer satisfied with minor updates; we’re looking for true innovation and we’re ready to pay for it. And that message is getting through,” Mark concludes.

The campaign has yet to hit at least a third of the necessary fund and right now Canonical needs some sort of a miracle to pull it through. A lot of other campaigns managed to get the money on their last leg, but it's going to be a very interesting week nonetheless.

Ubuntu Edge is a phone developed by Canonical that features some interesting hardware specifications. More details about the price and the campaign can be found in our initial report.

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