Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $1 Million (€779,666) to Shave His Head

Dallas Mavericks owner matches The Donald’s with his own

President Barack Obama missed the deadline imposed by Donald Trump, to make public private documents for $5 million (€3.8 million) that would have gone to charity, but not all is lost. Mark Cuban has a counter-offer.

Much like Stephen Colbert, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, is offering The Donald $1 million (€779.666) if he does something for a change, Forbes reports.

Of course, the money would go to charity, one of Trump’s choosing, so he wouldn’t really get a cent.

Still, this would be his chance to do a good deed and give back to the community, while getting a makeover as well.

Indeed, his famous comb-over would become an impossibility if he takes Cuban on his offer.

“You have to love billionaires with a sense of humor. Today, that would be Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Cuban says he’ll pay the Donald (Donald Trump, that is) $1 million [€779,666] toward a charity of his choice if he shaves his head,” Forbes reports.

Speaking with reporters, Cuban notes that his own “offer” is meant to show Trump how “dumb” his was.

“The offer he made for five million, that was one of the dumbest things ever. I thought about responding to that. Maybe I’ll put up a million or two if he’ll shave his head. What do you think?” Cuban says.

“Donald, you shave your head, a million dollars to any charity you want,” he adds, speaking directly to the real estate agent.

As we also reported at the time, Trump’s initial offer to Obama, which, he said, was meant to make him a more transparent President, the kind America deserved, had as deadline October 31.

As Hurricane Sandy hit and it became clear that the President would be busy with the rescue missions, Trump “generously” extended the deadline with an extra day.

Obviously, Obama paid him no attention this time.

As of now, Trump hasn’t responded to Mark Cuban’s proposal.

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