Mark Bridger: Man Responsible for April Jones Death Pleads Not Guilty

Bridger's attorney states that his client might be “responsible” for the girl's death

The case of five-year-old missing girl April Jones has been grabbing headlines lately, as her alleged killer pleads not guilty.

April vanished from Machynlleth in Wales, on October 1, 2012. When she was last seen, she was riding her bike on the family estate, at Machynlleth's Bryn-y-Gog.

The Telegraph notes that 46-year-old Mark Bridger, the man on trial for her death, has pleaded not guilty on charges of abduction, murder and interfering with a police investigation. The latter charge was filed as police believe he disposed of the girl's body after taking her life.

Even with a not guilty plea, the defendant's defense attorney, Brendan Kelly, has stated that his client does not admit to murdering the child, but might be "responsible" for her death.

His defense requires him "conceding that he probably killed the child," Kelly said in court.

"That matter can be reported. You have indicated that the defendant's case is that he was probably responsible for the death of April," the judge, Mr. Justice Griffith-Williams, responded.

A neighbor of the Jones family, Bridger lived on the Mount Pleasant farmhouse, in Ceinws. He was arrested for the crime the next day after her disappearance. Despite efforts by law enforcement and community-driven volunteer rescue teams, April's remains have not been recovered.

"I can't stop crying today, I've been doing some house work and I've come across some of April things and pictures. […]

"I love you so much April, please if you are that person out there who knows please come forward," mother Coral Jones posted on Facebook, on the day marking 3 months since she last saw April.

16 teams employed by local police are looking for April, reports say. The search was paused for two weeks during winter break, and resumed in January.

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