Marines T-Shirt Ban in Middle School Prompts Outrage

An eight-grader was asked to remove a shirt with a depiction of guns on it

An eight-grader from Genoa, Illinois was asked to remove a shirt honoring the U.S. Marines, because it promoted violence.

As you can see in the picture attached to this article, the item features two rifles. Teacher Karen Deverell told the student that wearing it would bring about his suspension, citing the Genoa-Kingston Middle School dress code.

"Student dress (including accessories) may not advertise, promote, or picture alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, violent behavior, or other inappropriate images.

"Student dress (including accessories) may not display lewd, vulgar or obscene or offensive language or symbols, including gang symbols," school regulations read, according to Travelers Today.

The student turned the shirt inside out, but his father, David McIntyre, is protesting against the decision. He argues that school rules to not specifically prohibit wearing clothes with depictions of weapons on them.

Genoa-Kingston Superintendent Joe Burgess agrees with McIntyre in that wearing the shirt is not a violation of school policy, and the institution has expressed their support for the armed forces.

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