Marilyn Monroe FBI File Reveals She Was Under Constant Surveillance

Missing file offers more details into her life, nothing at all about her death

An FBI file on Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe that had gone missing has now re-appeared and has been released. It shows that the actress and original bombshell was under constant surveillance under the suspicion of having “drifted into the communist orbit.”

The release of the file marks another success in the campaign by The Associated Press to have the Agency release more files, the Daily Mail notes.

Excerpts from it had been released to the public before, but in a heavily redacted form.

As fascinating as it might prove for fans of the star, it will also prove frustrating for offering no information or even clues about her death.

“The agency documented an anonymous phone call to the New York Daily News that year warning that playwright Arthur Miller was a communist and Monroe had ‘drifted into the communist orbit’ after her marriage to him earlier that year,” the Mail writes.

“The redacted document reveals that on July 11, 1956, the agency got a tip that an anonymous male caller phoned the Daily News to report that the actress's company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, was ‘filled with communists’ and that money from the company was being used to finance communist activities,” says the same media outlet.

The actress’ marriage to Miller was a “coverup,” the anonymous caller further said, possibly for illegal activities.

“Monroe's file begins in 1955 and mostly focuses on her travels and associations, searching for signs of leftist views and possible ties to communism. The file continues up until the months before her death, and also includes several news stories and references to Norman Mailer's biography of the actress, which focused on questions about whether Monroe was killed by the government,” the British publication further writes.

The file does not include any other details about her death.

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