Marilyn Manson Collapses on Stage in Canada – Video

Rocker is rushed off stage by EMTs, details of his condition still unknown

Rocker Marilyn Manson collapsed on stage in concert in Canada and had to receive medical attention on the spot. Video of the incident has emerged online but, as of now, the details of his condition are still unknown.

Check out the video above to see how it happened – Marilyn falls at the 1:13 mark.

The rocker and his band were playing “The Beautiful People” during the encore. He seems to stagger at one point, and then kneels as if to find balance.

The quality of the video is not ideal, so it’s hard to say when exactly Manson fell. Nevertheless, it does show that it took the band several moments until they realized something was wrong.

The fans in the audience too seem oblivious to the fact that the rocker is unwell, seeing how the band keeps on playing. It’s not until a bunch of stagehands rush on stage to escort the rocker out that they realize something is wrong.

Reports online note that Manson was treated by EMTs immediately, but that’s all known about his condition as of now. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

[Update, February 8, 2013]: It was just the flu. Manson wasn't taken to the hospital, he just went back to the hotel for rest. He's feeling better now.

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