Marijuana Cannon Seized in Mexico, Used to Throw Drugs Across the Border

The pneumatic-powered device was recovered in Mexicali

Believe it or not, the contraption featured in the photo above is a cannon used to fire marijuana to the U.S., from Mexico.

According to the Latin American Herald Tribune, the cannon was seized in the border city of Mexicali. Police chief Marco Antonio Carrillo explains that the homemade pneumatic-powered device has been discovered in the back of a pick-up truck with California plates.

The cannon could throw two-kg (4.4-pound) cans of cannabis over 400 meters (1,310 feet). Since the vehicle it was in has been left abandoned in a neighborhood of Mexicali, and the driver is nowhere to be found, police made no arrests as of yet.

As I have reported previously, another drug cannon made the news in 2012, when it was recovered in Yuma, Arizona, along with 30 cans of pot.

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