Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon Do Duet of “All I Want for Christmas”

Twosome, The Roots and four kids put on one heck of a performance

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Christmas preparations don’t really begin until Mariah Carey says so. Well, you can start getting into the Christmas spirit now that she’s performed her classic hit “All I Want for Christmas” on Jimmy Fallon.

The diva was joined by Fallon, The Roots and 4 kids for what can only be described as the most awesome rendition of the song ever.

Check out the video above if you’re not convinced.

Using classroom “instruments” to provide the melody and making ample use of talent from all sides, the live performance was perfect in every way, from the kids popping up just to sing the chorus, to Mariah’s obvious passion to sing this song and Fallon’s gleeful grin throughout.

When he pulled a similar stunt with Christina Aguilera for a unique rendition of her single “Your Body,” I thought nothing could top it in terms of awesomeness. I stand corrected.


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