Mariah Carey Has Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage

Singer busts out of her dress during So So Def’s 20th Anniversary Concert

Mariah Carey has always trodden the fine line between alluring and downright dangerous where her fashion is concerned but, the other night, she went completely to the dangerous side when her tight mini dress slipped and revealed one of her breasts.

As Us Magazine can confirm (with photographic evidence as well), this happened over the weekend at the star-studded 20th anniversary concert for So So Def.

At one point, the diva walked on stage with the other artists signed to the record label, and it became clear almost instantly that the dress she was wearing was too small to contain her ample cleavage.

“Wearing a curve-hugging cream dress with metallic accents, the ‘Dreamlover’ singer wheeled out a birthday cake to honor her longtime pal and collaborator, Jermaine Dupri,” the publication writes.

“Unbeknownst to her, Carey's left breast briefly popped out of her dress as she waved to fans onstage,” adds the same media outlet.

It’s not clear when she realized that she was falling out of her dress, but a simple Google search will reveal that she did do that: and she immediately made it right again, by pulling the dress up to cover herself.

Mariah has always been a fan of rather risky fashion, even saying in an older interview that she understood why people might be confused when they saw her on stage in such revealing outfits.

“It's a dichotomy, I understand. I understand that people think I'm a ditzy moron,” she said, as cited by the aforementioned media outlet.

Some years ago, Mariah would get a lot of flak online for her miniscule (and some very unflattering) outfits, but things seem to have changed as of late, presumably because she’s the first to say she’s too much of a diva to dress like a regular woman her age would.

With so many achievements under her belt and her impressive voice, some would say she’s earned her right to dress whichever way she wants when she’s on stage, even if that means the accidental wardrobe malfunction.

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