Marcus Fenix Might Come to Mortal Kombat

Ed Boon and Cliff Blezinski talk about bringing character to fighting game

The new, rebooted Mortal Kombat has been a success story and it seems that the fighting game might soon get a new character borrowed from the much more well known Gears of War series from Epic Games.

The possibility was raised by an exchange of Twitter based messages between Ed Boon, the main who is behind Mortal Kombat at Netherrealm studios, and Cliff Bleszinki, the main creative force working on the Gears of War universe.

Boon was talking to a fan about how he planned to balance out the presence of the PlayStation 3 exclusive Kratos, the main character of God of War, and he quickly suggested that one of the protagonists of Gears of War could be involved.

His Tweet read: “I wudda wanted Marcus Fenix from Gears.”

Bleszinki did not waste any time in answering: “Hit me up about that!”

Taking into account that the two developers are widely seen as the ones making the important decisions about their franchises it seems that the only problem with getting Marcus Fenix into Mortal Kombat might be getting agreement from Warner Bros. and Microsoft, the publishers of the two series and the ones making the business decisions.

If they are also on board the developers at Netherrealm will need to find a way of integrating Fenix or one of his buddies into the Mortal Kombat battle system.

The game has no cover to speak of so the Cog character will probably have to rely on using his weapon and probably the well known chainsaw attachment to take on other characters, with maybe an orbital cannon strike as a special ability.

Gears of War 3 has been a big success on launch and quickly getting a DLC for Mortal Kombat featuring Marcus Fenix will probably significantly boost Xbox 360 sales of the fighting game.

Epic Games have not yet revealed if Marcus Fenix will appear in more Gears of War titles.

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