Marble-Made Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Nears Launch

The first handset in the world made of hybrid stone material

Maker of Luxury phones Mobiado is gearing up for the release of a new handset in its lineup, one that is made out of marble.

Dubbed Mobiado Grand Touch Executive, the new device is based on the CPT001 concept that the company unveiled a few years ago, and might soon become available for purchase.

Made out of hybrid stone material, the new device will pack a sapphire touchscreen, along with golden screws and other luxury components.

This is the first handset of the kind to ever be created, and the long process of development shows how hard it actually is to come up with a marble smartphone.

“With the longest development for any Mobiado phone, the Grand Touch Executive promises to showcase the uniqueness and creativity Mobiado is famous for,” the company notes in a press release.

“On April 6th 2010, Mobiado created a concept phone called the CPT001. Staying on the cutting edge of design required the freedom to push the limits of what a luxury phone can be. The CPT001 concept phone was crafted from one piece of solid marble.”

Grand Touch Executive comes two and a half years later as the materialization of that concept device, yet a specific release date for it was not made official.

What the phone maker did unveil on this device, however, was the fact that it would pack a key and SIM card mechanism, being the first in the world to sport such features.

For the time being, you can have a look at some of the components of the new mobile phone courtesy of the images that Mobiado has made available on its website.

No price tag for the handset has been announced for the time being, but we expect such details, along with more info on the device itself, to become official in the coming months, so stay tuned for more on the matter.


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