Many Websites Set to Go Dark Friday, at 9:30 a.m. EST, for Sandy Hook

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy starts the “Moment for Sandy Hook” movement

Friday, December 21, is not just the day of the apocalypse, it's also exactly one week after the gruesome Sandy Hook shooting, in which 20 children and 7 adults perished.

Several websites have announced that they will be going dark for a minute today, at 9:30 a.m. EST, in remembrance of the Newtown events of December 14.

If you enter hashtag #momentforSandyHook on Twitter, you can read celebrities' heartwarming messages about Sandy Hook, which include posts from Ryan Seacrest, Jessica Biel, Mike Bloomberg, Pharrell Williams and Elizabeth Banks.

The event has been posted on, under the title “National Moment of Silence.”

Those who want to participate with their website can download a badge, such as the ones featured in this article. They are available in three sizes, and include a green ribbon.

According to the website, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy started the movement.

“2013 is the year to take meaningful action; observing this moment of silence on Friday, we can signal our resolve to stop senseless deaths like these from happening again,” he writes.

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