Many More Former Microsoft Employees Are Actually Using Apple Products

Steven Sinofsky isn’t the only one that uses devices from a rival company

Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky was spotted earlier today using an iPhone 5 to tweet about CES 2013 and, in a short reply to one of his followers, he said he’s only trying to evaluate competition.

Now it appears that many more former Microsoft executives are actually using products developed by rival companies, most of them citing the same reason: they only want to see the other gadgets offered by big players on the market.

Spark Capital partner Bijan Sabet wrote a post to discuss about Sinofsky’s recent tweets from an iPhone, but several ex-Microsofties have replied to confirm that using products from other companies is nothing new.

Steven Sinofsky was the first one who answered to say that he actually owned every single iPhone that got to see daylight until now.

“I have owned every iphone released (and every ipad and galaxy and kindle). It is far better to actually use a product day in and day out so before CES I started using it and will use it for a month or so. Just prior I was using my 920. In Office I spent a long time using SmartSuite or Google Docs for the same reasons,” he said.

Former Windows Phone boss Charlie Kindel also replied to the post, adding that he currently owns a HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8, but he previously used not only iPhones, but also Android devices. And he’s currently using a Macbook Air.

“My phone is an HTC 8X with WP8. I have used, at length all generations of iPhones and Android devices. My laptop (that I'm typing on) is an MBA. I run Outlook for Windows on it, in a Parallels VM. I pretty much use MacOS only for app switching. I much prefer the UI of Windows. My desktop workstation runs Win8. I have Linux VMs up the wazoo,” Kindel explained.

The funny thing is that all current Microsoft employees are now using Microsoft products exclusively. All of them received for free.

And don’t forget that Bill Gates doesn’t allow his kids to use Apple gadgets.

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