Mantyhose Takes Over: Pantyhose for Men, Hottest Trend

Stylists say men in tights might become a common sight on the street

Nothing makes for a better fashion statement than wearing something not many would dare put on. This way, the world has come to see the soaring popularity of the guyliner (eyeliner for guys), the murse (male purse), the mandals (male sandals) and the meggings (male leggings). Men’s fashion is now getting ready to welcome yet another surprising element: the mantyhose, pantyhose for men, fashion insiders say.

According to experts, tights for men may have fallen out of public grace many years ago, but they’re about to make a splashing return this cold season. Most men, though, will be wearing them under their business suits, both for practical reasons (to keep warm) and for aesthetic ones, as the tights will make their natural body lines look smoother. However, those who dare can match them with shorts and even skirts for a very bold statement, and to show they are months ahead of the trends. Because one thing is for certain: this is where we’re going, fashion insiders guarantee.

High demand for mantyhose also shows that more and more men are open to pouring themselves into tights. These come in various colors and patterns, and with a thickness of 120 denier. “This winter the city’s most stylish men will have a secret weapon hidden in their trousers. The ‘mantyhose’ are extremely versatile and we expect men to be wearing them not only as a way to as a way to [sic] give legs an extra boost of warmth on the chilliest nights, but as a true style statement.” David Walker-Smith, Selfridges’ director of menswear and beauty, says for the Daily Mail.

Still, as also noted above, tights can also be worn as an accessory in itself and not solely to keep warm on cold days, others urge. Hosiery designer Harisnya, for one, insists on the e-mancipate website that mantyhose is a man’s ideal ally to affirm one’s personality and unique style. The pantyhose is not exclusively for women and, once men too acknowledge this, the possibilities and combinations virtually become endless. “Male pantyhose can be worn for health, sports and fashion. So on the website we aim to show that pantyhose could be a regular clothing item for men.” Harisnya says.

And, indeed, the website shows countless ways in which men can mix and match their outfits to include the mantyhose, from sports activities to going to the office. The only thing that is missing at this point is men’s desire to actually go out in public dressed like this.


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