Manti Te'o Comes Forward, Denies Participation in Girlfriend Hoax

The player admits to willingly giving the impression that he had met Lennay in person

Manti Te'o has finally decided to speak about the hoax that has grabbed headlines this week – that of his online girlfriend that allegedly died of leukemia.

Te'o tells ESPN that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo engineered the scam along with 2 accomplices, and sent him pictures. He denies being aware of the deception, at any time.

"Two guys and a girl are responsible for the whole thing. [...] I don't know [who they are]. According to Ronaiah, Ronaiah's one," he says.

The player brought proof to his interview, in the form of tweets from Ronaiah, in which she apologizes for the incident.

Te'o admits to stretching the truth just a tad, and intentionally leaving the impression that he has met Lennay in person, instead of just chatting with her online.

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