Manjaro Linux 0.8.6 Unleashed, Uses Linux Kernel 3.9

This stable release is distributed as Xfce and Openbox editions

Philip Müller had the pleasure of announcing last evening, June 2, the immediate availability for download of another stable release of his popular, Manjaro Linux, a distribution based on Arch Linux.

With Manjaro 0.8.6, the development team is proud to announce that their packages are now hosted on over 25 mirrors worldwide. Therefore, pacman-mirrors has been introduced in this new stable release, in order to allow users to get the fastest mirror nearest their current location.

"A lot of work went into our Community Editions. Manjaro-Turkey and our community updated their profiles for ManjaroISO to present their new themes and adjustments for this release," was stated in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Manjaro 0.8.6:

• Linux kernel 3.9;

• Based on Manjaro-Update as of 13 May 2013;

• Smaller Openbox Edition ISO image, by dropping the automatic detection and configuration of graphics cards;

• Fixed an installer bug in the Net Edition;

• Updated Nvidia and AMD proprietary video drivers;

• Pre-configure more mirrors;

• Translated the Live Installer into various languages;

• Full multimedia support in the Openbox Edition;

• Added Qupzilla, VLC, Pamac and XNoise to the Openbox Edition;

• Revamped obmenu-generater based menu in the Openbox Edition;

• Added a brand-new look to the Openbox Edition, based on AngieMyst’s "light vines" image;

• Improved the graphical installer forked from Linux Mint, to fit the Arch Linux base;

• Updated Pamac, the default graphical package manager, with resizeable panels, a size column, better display for the package list, ability to sort packages by groups, report or state, interactive search, better management for orphan files, and new translations.

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Manjaro Linux 0.8.6 Openbox Edition

Manjaro 0.8.6 is distributed as Live CD ISO images with separate Openbox and Xfce desktop environments, as well as a net installer edition, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download Manjaro 0.8.6 Xfce, Manjaro 0.8.6 Openbox and Manjaro 0.8.6 Net editions right now from Softpedia.

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