Manjaro KDE, LXDE, and MATE Community Editions Arrive with New Features

All the Manjaro flavors can be downloaded from Softpedia

Manjaro, a Linux Distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, has just received three “bonus” community editions, Mate, LXDE, and KDE.

The community editions of Manjaro are released in addition to the official flavors, and are put together by fans of Manjaro.

Manjaro KDE Community Edition 0.8.5 was released by Yusuf and Cumali from Manjaro-Turkey. It's based on the latest KDE packages, 4.10.2, and it comes with over a hundred bugfixes and new features, including the Personal Information Management suite Kontact, the Window Manager KWin, and many others.

The distribution is based on Linux kernel 3.8.8, which at this point is the latest stable version released. Manjaro KDE Community Edition also uses an updated Manjaro System Manager, mhwd 0.2.5, Octopi 0.1.0408 (a pacman frontend), pamac 0.7.0, systemd 198 (systemd-next 201 on i686), and xorg-server 1.14.1.

Manjaro LXDE Community Edition 0.8.5 is the second flavor of Manjaro released by the fans, but there isn't any information about what specific packages have been updated.

“As with XFCE, LXDE is also a somewhat basic desktop environment, lacking some modern features that would be expected, such as a search-bar to find applications and files. However, it is also an excellent choice for less powerful computers, as a 64 bit installation of Manjaro running LXDE uses only about 150MB of memory,” reads the official announcement.

Manjaro MATE Community Edition 2013.04 is based on the recently released MATE 1.6, and it incorporates a fair amount of changes.

“Systemd-logind support has been added, Caja has had some minor tweaks, and functionality has been added to the panel.”

There are also a couple of other distributions that haven't received an update, Cinnamon and E17, but they will probably get new versions soon.

More details about the Manjaro Community Editions can be found in the official announcement.

Download Manjaro Linux KDE Community Edition 0.8.5 from Softpedia.

Download Manjaro Linux LXDE Community Edition 0.8.5 from Softpedia.

Download Manjaro Linux MATE Community Edition 0.8.5 from Softpedia.

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