Mandy Patinkin Joins Zach Braff on Kickstarter-Funded Film

He will play Braff’s father in new project, “Wish I Was Here”

Zach Braff is taking a page from the “Veronica Mars” textbook and has started a Kickstarter campaign to finance his latest movie, choosing to forego the usual Hollywood channels. With the money (almost) in the bank, he’s cast Mandy Patinkin in it too.

The project is called “Wish I Was Here” and stars Braff as the lead and Patinkin as his character’s father, The Hollywood Reporter writes.

As of now, the film is $600,000 (€464,073) over the initially proposed target of $2 million (€1.54 million) funding on Kickstarter.

“The film, based on an original screenplay from Braff and his brother Adam Braff, centers on Aidan Bloom (Zach Braff), a struggling actor, father and husband who is struggling to find his identity and purpose at 35 years old,” THR says of the project.

For the time being, “Wish I Was Here” is still in early development stages but, useless to say, now Patinkin’s fans will also be looking forward to its release.

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