Mandriva Provides an Educational Solution for Schools and OEMs

Mandriva has announced on January 18th a new OEM distribution, designed for Intel ClassMate PC and several others educational netbooks, which was integrated with Mandriva-Mythware Educational Solution educational application.

Mandriva-Mythware Educational Solution is a distribution based on the same kernel as its famous big brother, Mandriva Linux. It's a tool designed to be used as a teaching instrument that will transform lessons in interactive experiences, and at the same time show the students the advantages of using a Mandriva Linux operating system.

"Mandriva's partnership with a growing Educational application provider like Mythware is a demonstration of the global appeal for the Mandriva Linux operating system. This agreement validates Mandriva's strategic investment in the field of Education that will be a growing market for Mandriva", said Gaurav Parakh, Vice President at Mandriva.

Among the features that can be found in this new operating system is a unique design that will fit the small screens, with big icons and simple navigation of the Intel ClassMate PC hardware and other similar netbooks.

Mandriva-Mythware Educational Solution also offers connectivity support for Wi-Fi, 3G cellular data and Lane, which will enhance the purpose and functionalities of the netbooks is used on.

This new distribution from Mandriva will also focus on sharing the learning material like screen broadcast, student demonstration, movie net, group teaching, group chat, screen record & playback and there is even a class management with a remote monitor and control, with a silence on/off option, class model and remote command management.

"This offer will not only create more value for schools and OEMs, but it also meets the requirement of educational solutions with an extremely rich featured e-learning class application. Every child deserves the chance to learn", said Tony Tong from Mythware.

Mandriva Linux is the ultimate operating system from Mandriva. It is the fruit of the convergence of three technologies: Mandriva, Conectiva and Lycoris and is available in three editions: One, Powerpack and Free, for both i586 and x86-64 architectures.

Download Mandriva Linux 2010.2 right now from Softpedia.

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