Mandriva Linux 2011 Officially Released, Screenshot Tour

Mandriva proudly announced last evening, August 28th, the immediate availability for download of the final and stable release of the highly anticipated Mandriva Linux 2011 operating system.

A day early than expected, but Mandriva Linux 2011 has been finally released and made available for download on mirrors worldwide (see download link at the end of the article).

Dubbed Hydrogen, Mandriva Linux 2011 brings a completely new design (new icons, new launcher, new wallpaper, etc), it is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.38 and built on top of KDE Software Compilation 4.6.5.

Mandriva Linux 2011 also includes lots of awesome technologies, such as SimpleWelcome, TimeFrame, StackFolder, RocketBar, MandrivaSync, Mandriva Sphere and the new Mandriva Package Manager.

"Mandriva Desktop 2011 has prepared by the new politic of creation and will use the new release cycle: 1 new distro in year, 1.5 years of support. Based on this platform Mandriva Desktop 2011 LTS* will be prepared by the end of the 2011 year with the 3 years of support." - said Mandriva in the release announcement.

Highlights of Mandriva Linux 2011:

· Linux kernel;

· X.Org Server 1.10.3;

· Hybrid ISO image;

· RPM 5;

· KDE SC 4.6.5;

· New artwork;

· New kickoff menu (SimpleWelcome);

· Improved Mandriva installer;

· TimeFrame add-on for Nepomuk;

· Added RocketBar;

· Added StackFolder;

· Added Mandriva Sphere;

· Added MandrivaSync;

· New Mandriva Package Manager;

· LibreOffice 3.4.2;

· Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1;

· Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0;

· Clementine audio player;

· PiTiVi video editor;

· Shotwell photo management;

· NetworkManager and Knetworkmanager applets;

· Added VirtualBox guest additions;

· More Intel and Atheros network cards are now supported;

· Better support for Epson, HP and Lexmark printers;

· Better support for USB 3G drives.

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Official upgrade instructions for the Mandriva Linux 2010.2 users is available here. Mandriva Linux 2011 LTS (Long Term Support) will be available in the upcoming months, by the end of 2011.

Download Mandriva Linux 2011 right now from Softpedia.

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