Mandriva Foundation Is Now Known as OpenMandriva

And Mandriva Linux will be named... can you guess?!

As we announced a few months ago, Mandriva S.A., the company behind the popular Mandriva Linux operating system decided to cease the Mandriva Linux operating system and transfer the responsibility to an independent entity.

Therefore, the time has come for a new name, as we announced this summer, voted by members of the community.

Among possible names chosen by Mandriva for the Foundation, there were OpenMandriva, Commundriva, Dracanea Linux, Drake Linux, Mana Linux, Mandala Linux, Mira Linux, Moondrake, NorthStar Linux, OpenDrake, Pulsar Linux, and Tulipa Linux.

And today, October 15th, we are proud to announce that the voting is over and the winner is OpenMandriva.

Yes, OpenMandriva won the contest and it is now the new name behind the Madriva Linux distribution. However, keep in mind that this is only the name of the Foundation, and not the name of the distro, which is yet to been determined.

Finally, the name of the foundation is now fixed : OpenMandriva. [...] Please, notice that is only the name of the foundation. The name of the distribution itself is still to be determined.

That’s an important achievement that allows us to move towards the formalization of the legal status of the foundation,” Jcl Vanier said in the blog announcement.

Review image

So, after three long months, the voting ended in favor of OpenMandriva, with 3,099 votes from a total of 11,709, as you can see in the image above.

Second place was taken by Mandala Linux with 2,872 votes and in third place we can see our favorite one, Moondrake, with only 1,603 votes.

What now? We have no idea what Mandriva OpenMandriva Foundation will decide next for the Linux distribution.

Can you guess the new name of the Mandriva Linux operating system. Will it be OpenMandriva, Mandala or Moondrake?! Which one is your favorite?

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