Mandriva Flash 2010 Christmas Sale

Now here's a special Christmas present for all of you Linux enthusiasts out there, as Mandriva announced the availability of its portable USB Mandriva Flash Drive. It is based on the KDE4 Edition of the Mandriva Linux 2010 distribution (released on July 8th, 2010) and it's available as an 8GB USB flash drive.

Mandriva announced three days ago, on December 12th, that a new version of its portable USB Mandriva Flash Drive is now available for purchase.

Think of Mandriva Flash 2010 as your personal and private 3D mobile desktop, which empowers you to perform your daily computer tasks from anywhere.

Mandriva Flash 2010 offers a fully secure and protected environment that allows anyone to store their personal data on the same device. No software will be installed on the PC, because everything works off the USB flash drive!

Mandriva Flash 2010 includes the powerful Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird applications for a safe and secure web browsing and effective e-mail communication, respectively, as well as the popular office suite and the Google Toolbar.

Highlights of Mandriva Flash 2010:

· Mandriva Smart Desktop technology;

· Latest KDE4 desktop environment;

· Microsoft Windows launcher;

· Microsoft Windows migration utility;

· Amazing 3D desktop effects;

· office suite;

· Mozilla Firefox web browser;

· Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client;

· Adobe Flash Player 10;

· Java Runtime Environment;

· Google Toolbar;

· Boot and restore CD.

Mandriva Flash 2010 has localization in English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch. It doesn't require an installation, you can boot directly from the USB stick and most hardware configurations are supported.

Mandriva Flash 2010 is available for purchase from the official Mandriva Store at the price of 49.90 euros or 59 USD. Delivered time will take between 3 to 6 business days from the time of purchase. It will have a 5-year warranty period.

You can find more information about Mandriva Flash 2010 here.

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