“Man of Steel” Gets Extended Trailer: What Does the S Stand For?

New clip looks at Kal El’s origin, new name on Earth and film’s terrible villain

A brand new extended trailer for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” has arrived and it’s perhaps the best and most revealing of all. Check it out in full and in HD above.

Not only does it offer a good look at Kal El’s origin and his alien parents, but it also details his upbringing on Earth, his struggle with accepting his superpowers, his superhero name and, perhaps just as importantly, the terrible villain he will have no other choice but to face in battle.

It might sound like a lot to pack in a measly trailer but it’s true.

Plus, if you think about it, considering that Chris Nolan produced it and was involved from stage 1 in the film, it probably doesn’t show half of what will happen in the final, probably very long project.

“Man of Steel” stars Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as the human parents, Russell Crowe as Jor El, and Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Henry Lennix, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne.

It will be out on June 14.

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