Man Wins Fishing Contest with Enormous Bass Stolen from Aquarium

On the contest's last day, he sneaked away by cliff-climbing, got the fish and returned

29-year-old Matthew Clark pretended to win a fishing contest by catching a monster 13lb (6 kg) bass fish.

The angler got the fish from an aquarium, the last day of the competition, and won £800 ($1,290 / €970),the Mirror writes. He sneaked away from the competition by cliff-climbing, using a rope ladder. He then used the back door to break into the St. Peter Port aquarium.

Unfortunately, someone who had visited the location in Guernsey, in the UK, remembered the fish, and prompted an investigation into his winning catch.

Clark was arrested for burglary and fraud, and convicted to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.

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