Man Wins $7.2M (€5.38M) Jackpot After a Friend's Funeral in Mississippi

He played the penny slot machines at the Palace Casino

A man has found luck after putting a friend into the ground in Mississippi, reports say. Tyler Morris of Montague, Michigan played the slot machines after attending a memorial service, and hit the jackpot.

The Sun Herald writes that the he won the $7.2 million (€5.38 million) progressive jackpot at the Palace Casino in Biloxi, one of his friend's favorite spots. He decided to try the penny slots in his honor, although usually playing the craps.

He got lucky at the machine themed after The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship, casino PR manager Lisa Quirch says.

"Tyler said he felt his friend was watching over him and had blessed him with the big win," she adds.

Him and his wife have bought a new car, and plan to spend the rest of the prize with their children and grandchildren.

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