Man Willing to Change His Name for a WWDC Ticket

Says he'll throw in an extra 500 bucks if it’s Jebodiah

If you thought you’ve seen and heard everything, think again. A San Francisco man is willing to legally change his name in order to buy a WWDC 2012 ticket and attend Apple’s keynote this summer.

“I don’t think this is a joke,” writes Apple pundit John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) and frankly, neither do we.

After learning that WWDC tickets are non transferable, this seemingly avid fan of Apple’s saw the next “natural” course of action in changing his name in order to buy the ticket from someone who managed to snag one before they sold out.

“Naturally,” this person writes, “I'm willin [sic] to legally change my name to yours in order to buy your ticket.”

WWDC tickets cost $1,599 (around 1,200 EUR). Ticket purchases are limited to one per person and five per organization.

“To sweeten the deal I will perform the following duties on your behalf for one year,” he says.

The activities include: jury duty, DMV license/registration, any court ordered community service up to 40 hours, even a visit  to “your senile grandfather once a month.” If your name happens to be Jebodiah, the man says he’ll pay an extra $500.

Naturally, even if the guy does change his name legally, it still shouldn’t be legal to attend WWDC 2012. If Apple were to ask for more credentials, such as the birth date or the names of the parents, the deal would instantly be canceled.

Apple specifically states on its web site that “WWDC tickets (including activation codes) are non-transferable and may not be sold, resold, or auctioned in any way.”

However, Apple accepts exceptional requests to transfer tickets among team members. These may be submitted to Apple for consideration at

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