Man Who Locked His Daughter in a Metal Crate Gets a “Present” from PETA

The green-oriented organization wants the district attorney to read “Dog in a Box”

Not very long ago, the news that William Todd Lewallen's daughter was found locked in a metal crate inside this man's home caused quite a media stir.

Now that his trial date is approaching, PETA wishes that the Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris became acquainted with a book signed by trainers Emma and Ray Lincoln: “Dog in a Box.”

More precisely, this green-oriented organization hopes that this will help the district attorney present his case in front of the judge, seeing how, “There's no doubt that children, like dogs, would suffer from being confined to a crate, and Dog in a Box offers an in-depth look at the trauma, deprivation, pain, and loneliness that crating inflicts on dogs.”

Furthermore, “Insight into the cruelty of crating will help the D.A.'s office with its case and may wake up a few casual dog craters, too.”

The trial is set to debut on November 19, so hopefully, by then, district attorney Tim Harris will have succeeded in reading the book sent to him by PETA.

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