Man Uses His Toyota Prius to Power His Home for a Week

Bob Sakala and his family lost access to electricity after hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey

After hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast and took down several power lines, numerous households and businesses had to make do without access to electricity.

Still, Bob Sakala from New Jersey came up with a rather peculiar solution to this problem: he used his Toyota Prius in order to provide power for his home.

Sources say that, with the help of a 100-watt power inverter (and later on a 300-watt one), Bob managed to fire up some indoor lights and even get his TV, his laptop and his modem back on track.

As was to be expected, Bob Sakala's neighbors first thought that this man owned a generator, and were therefore quite surprised to find that, “It's the Prius. It's a spaceship.”

Meanwhile, others have turned to emergency kits that turn solar power into electricity.

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