Man Turns 760 Bicycles Into an Art Installation

This artist simply piled the bikes on top of one another, all the way to the ceiling

Those who happen to be rather keen on environmental protection must surely keep bicycles very close at heart, regardless of whether or not they get to ride them as often as they would like to.

Still, a Chinese artist named Ai Weiwei has recently decided to shed some new light on these green-oriented means of getting about and navigating crowded urban areas.

Tree Hugger reports that, in order to achieve this goal, Ai Weiwei collected a total of 760 bicycles, piled them up on top of one another and called the result an art installation.

As he later explained, his art project, which he refers to as “Stacked,” also “depicts the matrix of the labor force - the people” (i.e. it shows that, in this day and age, most people work meaningless and repetitive jobs).

This installation was unveiled at an art exhibition in San Gimignano, Italy.

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