Man Treks 5,000 Miles Across Asia, Using Google Maps – Video

Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore walked to raise money for charity

Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore is the star of this clip by Google Maps. Fiore walked an amazing 5,000 miles through Asia, for charity.

He used walking directions on Google Maps to get around Southeast Asia on foot, literally taking the path less traveled. His mission, dubbed “Smile Trek,” brought him to Brunei, China, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

What is endearing about this man's initiative is that his goal is helping the International Children’s Surgical Foundation.

According to Mashable, Fiore raised $65,000 (€50,800) through his quest, and all of it went to the organization that provides free facial reconstructive surgery for children in developing countries. Doctors help kids with a congenital deformity called a cleft palate.

Good will aside, the journey itself was fun and rewarding for the Marine.

“The best part was being routed onto roads and trails through areas I otherwise never would have discovered,” he says.

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