Man Swims with Arthritic Dog, Hopes to Ease the Animal's Pain

John Unger and Schoep spent the past 19 years together, are still not ready to let go

Not very long ago, John Unger found that Schoep, the four-legged companion which stood by him over the past 19 years, was suffering from arthritis. Given the dog's old age, doctors said that little could be done except put it to sleep to keep it from experiencing any further pain.

However, owner John Unger decided to try something new: water therapy. Thus, both he and his dog now spend anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes floating in the waters of Lake Superior on a regular basis, something which helps ease the pressure of Schoep's now fragile body.

One of Urger's friends, Hannah Stonehouse, took a picture of the two floating together, and now Internet users worldwide are expressing their admiration for Urgen and send Schoep heartfelt encouragements.

“I would read about five of them and lose it for a good ten minutes and then come back to it. To see that this photo has lifted their spirits ... that right there lifts mine even higher,” commented Urger on the messages he received from countless people.

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