Man Shoves Chihuahua in a Hot Oven, Punches It in the Head

Witnesses say the dog dared bite the man, made him very angry

Only recently, Kevin Parrish from Lyons, US, got really mad at his grandmother's Chihuahua, Kudo, and decided to teach it a thing or two about discipline by punching it in the head and then shoving it in an oven.

Given the fact that the temperature inside the oven was one of about 350 degrees Celsius, it need not come as a surprise that the dog suffered significant burns to three of its legs.

Kevin's brother, who helped rescue the Chihuahua, and his dad, who took it to a veterinarian later on, admit that, following Kudo's close encounter with Kevin, its head was covered in cuts and bruises.

KTVB reports that, as far as police officers can tell, Kevin got mad at this Chihuahua because of its daring to bite him. Still, everybody agrees that there was no need for Kevin to punish the dog in this manner.

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