Man Ruins Movember, Takes Moustache “a Little Too Far”

"Burnsidious" has a moustache that includes his chest hair

With an over-extended moustache and a hero-like air of confidence, this man has singlehandedly ruined Movember for all of us.

Only Einstein, peeking at us in the form of his tattoo, was amused when "Burnsidious" uploaded this shot of himself celebrating the month of prostate cancer awareness. His moustache extends to include his chest hair, runs down to his navel, and then just gets lost in the land of far, far away.

Moustache man is proving quite popular on the world wide web, with 900,000 people viewing his photo. Surprisingly, I can conclude that the Reddit user has significantly increased awareness on Movember, in his special way.

"I may have taken Movember a little too far," the description to the picture reads.

Click on the image to view the entire "Burnsidious" moustache. For other Movember fails, don't forget to check out our gallery of mugshots celebrating facial hair.

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