Man Puts Girlfriend's Cat in a Tumble Drier, Posts the Video on YouTube

This attempt to have some fun led to his being arrested and jailed

Allan Staughton from Huntington, England is now facing 56 days in jail and probably celibacy after he decided to take his girlfriend's cat, stick it in a tumble drier, turn the machine on and have some fun watching the cat trying to hold its ground.

As if his causing unnecessary suffering to this animal wasn't enough, Allan Staughton also filmed the entire “event” and posted the video on YouTube.

Needless to say, his deed got him arrested, and authorities saw fit to make him spend as many as 56 days in jail, perhaps hoping that this might urge him to reconsider his definition of “funny.”

Moreover, his girlfriend broke up with him, and judges decided that he would forever be banned from keeping pets.

The cat, named Princess, did not suffer severe physical injuries (one of its teeth broke and it damaged her tongue), yet veterinarians say that it was deeply traumatized by this utterly uncalled for life experience.

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