Man Posting Racy Datsun Ad on eBay Admits Model Is Not His Daughter

Kim Ridley posted photos of a woman posing in several provocative positions, by the car

Pictures of the now infamous 'Datsun daughter' ad are circulating online, as a used car post features a young woman posing next to it.

Kim Ridley of Ridley's Rides scandalized eBay users when he put up a 1977 Datsun 280Z for sale, posting photos of the car as a model stood next to it. Racy shots show the teenager in several provocative positions.

One of the more demure pics is featured above, but you can check out the whole slideshow here. However, be advised that the nature of the pictures may offend.

Just to make things even more interesting, he wrote that she is his daughter, in the description. Facing major media backlash, he is now recanting.

In an interview with KVAL News, he admits that the whole thing was a joke, and a marketing ruse to make people buy the vehicle. It worked, as the sports car sold for $7,500 (€5,770) quickly after.

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