Man Plans to Travel Across America Bartering Bacon

This man will travel with no money and use bacon as currency

As part of a marketing campaign for the Oscar Mayer company, actor/comedian Josh Sankey is traveling across the U.S. carrying nothing but his belongings and 3,000 pounds of bacon.

Campaign directors say the bacon is "worth its weight in gold," and could successfully be traded for accommodation, gas money, actual food and anything else one might need on the road.

The bacon trail started in New York, this man having no cash or credit cards on him, and it is scheduled to end in Los Angeles on September 23, if Sankey gets there, of course. The plan is to have him visit 12 American cities and test people's reaction to this proposal.

At times, people might need some extra incentive to let the man into their homes. In Hagerstown, Maryland, for example, lodging was priced at 24 bricks of bacon and tickets to a New York Jets game.

The keeps up with Sankey as he makes his way to LA.

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